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The temple is founded by our permanently affiliated monks:
Phrakru Patomarathikun (Senior Monk)
Phra Sutthichai Khantiko (Junior Monk & Next Chairman)

Official recognition of Thailand
The temple has been officially recognized as a temple in Buddhist society.

The Buddhist hierarchy was referred to respectfully asking for the monastery to be recognized as a bona fied temple. In August 2018, we went to the headquarters in Copenhagen, where the top responsible monk for Buddhist affairs throughout Europe is located.

The monk arranged a meeting in Thailand and Europe to discuss and vote on our application to get the temple recognized. This meeting was convened and the vote was in our favor to officially recognize the  Buddhist temple.


Description of the Temple and Purpose

- Everyone is always welcome.
The temple is open every day and there is free access for everyone regardless of whether you are a paying or not paying member / guest.

If you wish to support the Temple with a membership, then we are grateful for this.

The temple is operated solely by volunteers and unpaid helpers.

Purpose 1 Culture
To facilitate Thai people's integration into Danish society and to preserve the Thai cultural values.
Via Meditation and Conscience with other members in div. events in the temple on Thai label days

Help and advise Thai people who have difficulty adapting, understanding Danish, the Danish rules, their rights. To be help if they need support for div. meetings etc.

To gain insight into the Thai culture and traditions.

Purpose 2 - Meditation Buddhist
All teach and practice Buddhist Meditation, for example, if you have stress, depression or need peace, or need a knowledgeable talk with the monks.

To promote insight into Thai culture among other Danes (and other nationalities), in meditation and Buddhist lifestyle and philosophy.

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