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Kids Fun & Meditation Day Every 2. Sunday in month

children's program
Meditation and play sessions for children every 2 weeks per month, adults can engage in activities with children.

10:30 a.m. Start praying, offering food offerings to the monks after the monks finish saying goodbye. Everyone ate together.

11:30am take the kids outside and play to breathe fresh air

1:00 p.m. Lead the children to practice meditation and set their breaths in and out.
1:30pm surround the campfire, eat pancakes, bread, or /Marsmellows

2:00pm end of meditation practice

It's up to you how you want to pray. Meditate or not

.Please reply if you will join Please register before your participation date (Tuesday before 12:00).


SMS to Phra Ajarn: 9187 4630 (Thai & English)

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